With a little help from my friends: friendly free apps for meditation and breathing

Screenshot 2014-08-31 13.16.23 (2)Because your smartphone is so handy, why not add a few apps that will allow you to take some minutes just for yourself? Here are some to get you started if you find taking time away from the “now” for just yourself is sometimes difficult:

  1. Buddify 2:  Greets you with a color wheel, asks “what are you doing?” and offers slices of guided meditations for waking up, a work break, when you can’t sleep, plenty of other times. They last from 6 – 17 minutes, depending upon what you choose. I like the voices, but I also agree with critics that sometimes the words are too far apart . . . you get into a zone, then the monologue resumes. Still, this is an easy app to slip away with.
  2. Long Deep Breathing: You can set this in all kinds of ways to allow a simple, clear chime tell you to take a deep breath in, hold for a second or two, and allow a deep breath out. You decide how the inhalation, holding, and exhalation are. You decide how long to conduct the exercise. I find I’m breathing longer and better as I use this lovely app.
  3. SleepMachine: With this app, you can choose one sound to guide to you sleep or combine up to three.  I use crickets and beach sounds, each set to its own level, and I’m gone.